• A. Grant of the Cypriot Citizenship to Foreign Investors

  • In an effort to enhance the competitiveness of Cyprus and to provide even more attractive incentives to Foreign Investors / Entrepreneurs, the Government of Cyprus implemented major changes in the “Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception” (on the basis of the Civil Registry Laws 2002-2015).
    The new financial criteria introduced are even more favorable than before as the minimum necessary amount of investment has been reduced to €2 million (from €2.5 million). A non-Cypriot citizen who satisfies one of the following economic criteria, either personally or through company/companies where he/she participates as a shareholder, either through investment made by his/her spouse or together, either as a senior executive of company/companies that meet one of the financial criteria, may apply for the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization by exception.

    • Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals that can assist non-Cypriot citizens in all aspects of immigration matters, including amongst others, the following areas: (contingent upon A minimum investment of € 2 million in Real Estate)

    • Assisting for Granting  of the Cypriot Citizenship to Foreign Investors by applying  for the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization by exception,
      Drafting and assisting with the preparation and submission of all required documents (e.g. citizenship applications, applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits, visas etc.),
      Advice our clients on the required financial criteria and conditions to be met depending on the particular circumstances,
      • Provide guidance and help on the application process and on the required steps to be followed,
      Examine the chosen investment option of the applicant in order to establish the most effective and efficient way to meet the required financial criteria,
      Find the right property, matching the criteria of the applicant via our network of reputable licensed real estate agents, in case purchased property is off plan or new construction, we can supervise construction phases and issue reports and photos,
      Monitoring the status of the applications and continuous follow up,
      Regular update of the applicant on the progress of the application


      Terms and Conditions

      The applicant should have CLEAN CRIMINAL RECORD

      RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY must be purchased in the REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

      The applicant must hold a permanent privately-owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus, the purchase price of which must be at least € 500.000 plus VAT.

      The applicant, before the naturalization as Cypriot Citizen, must hold a residency permit in the Republic of Cyprus. In case the applicant is not already a holder of a residency permit, may submit an application for an immigration permit at the same time while submitting an application for naturalization.

    • Key highlights of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

    • · A straightforward route to EU citizenship,
      · No requirement to make a donation to the local government,
      · No language requirement, medical test or interview,
      · An approximate 6 month simple and straightforward process
      . The right to own freehold land in any European country
      . Citizenship is granted to the applicant, his/her spouse, all financial dependents, including students up to the age of 28
      · All the privileges of an EU citizen. EU citizens enjoy the right to reside, work, do business, study and travel freely within the EU, while enjoying equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages,
      · Protection by EU legislation and regulations,
      · Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries in the world, including all the European Union countries, Canada and Australia amongst others,
      · Dual-citizenship is allowed,
      · Wide choice of investment means the ability to invest directly in real estate or other assets of one’s choice or to combine allowable investments,
      · Combination of tax incentives for investors who are granted the citizenship,
      · By obtaining Cyprus citizenship and passport one does not automatically become tax resident of Cyprus, unless he spends more than 183 days in the country in one calendar year,
      · The Cypriot personal income tax regime, through the 2015 introduction of the “nondomicile” concept, is now widely considered as the most attractive onshore personal income tax regime in the world,
      · Comprehensive double taxation treaties network that offers an effective tool for international tax planning,
      · Strategic geographical location, forming a bridge between the EU, the Middle East and North Africa with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea
      · Cyprus offers a great place to live, offers excellent worldwide communications, has excellent infrastructure, and a pleasant climate,
      · Cyprus is among Europe’s top vacation destinations,
      · Relatively low cost of living,
      · High standard of professional and multilingual services,
      · Access to the first class EU healthcare institutes and excellent education systems,
      · Cyprus is among lowest crime rate in the world and it is also known as a safe and secure place to live